C&D PRODUCTIONS Communicate with Dimension

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At C&D Productions, 3D marketing is our business. Whether your imagination is focused on exhibit, broadcast, stage or environment design, we help you Communicate with Dimension.

Since 1989 C&D Productions delivers real solutions to the 3D marketing challenge your company is faced with. Using the latest technology available we realize 3D concepts which embrace renewable energy and utilize sustainable material and techniques whenever possible. Our broad experience with designing, constructing and managing a wide range of projects for domestic and international corporations allow us to provide you with a visual environment that drives the success and growth of your business for the best return on your investment.

We strive to transform the special and uniquely wonderful communication opportunity you see in your imagination into a professional and powerful visual experience while keeping balance between form and function. In short, we make imagination real. We focus on aligning our thinking with yours to bring your identity to its full potential and create maximum visual impact. Your company becomes the image the world wants to see and remember.

You know your image is in good hands with C&D Productions.

Dominique Gagnon