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MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems

I have used several exhibit builders over 47 years in the broadcast industry. C&D is different as they provide me with the confidence to concentrate on my products and staff and less on the exhibit and the trade show regiment.

With Dominique Gagnon, Managing Director from C&D Productions, there are no surprises or extra costs that you did not know about. Dominique not only helps you develop the ideal concept and design, she will make sure it is correct and ready for prime time every time.

C&D has been my go-to partner for any trade shows, large or small, whether in the US or internationally. Dominique has been a partner to our successes and my choice for exhibition designs and builds.

Bob McAlpine
Chief Operating Officer
MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems


Plura has been relying exclusively on C&D Productions since 2010 for booth design, onsite build and management services for all major trade shows. Dominque’s construction knowhow, expertise in media visualization and creativity has helped Plura impression to exceeds its peers. We always listen and take into consideration her opinion and critique with an open mind. Dominique is a true detailed oriented person who works and treat every project as her own.

It’s almost like having an inhouse 3D environment builder right here with us.

Plura is also collaborating with C&D Productions in the new Plura I.M.D.P. technology which is specialized for the Galleries and Museum digital media environment.

Ray Kalo
President & CEO

S.two Corporation

Professional presentation, quality of effort and support, attention to detail, and a passion for their product, and ours, kept bringing us back to Dominique Gagnon’s company year after year.

Christopher Romine
S.two Corporation

Cobalt Digital

Cobalt Digital has worked with C&D Productions for a number of years in regard to IBC booth design, stand build and project management. We have always been amazingly satisfied with results that they have provided. The C&D Productions team have always completed work in a professional and timely fashion. As with any trade show there are always unforeseen changes required at the last minute. The C&D team are always accommodating and completed a professional booth that meets the highest of standards.
We look forward to working with C&D Productions on future trade shows.

Chris Shaw
Executive Vice President,
Sales & Marketing, Cobalt Digital, Inc

Kokoro Marketing

When I need an event or exhibit, Dominique is my go-to. She has this ability to come up with the perfect idea, a way of visualizing the perfect solution, the best way to get my prospects to engage and feel welcome at the event. I love working with her! She's saved me on multiple occasions with her detailed approach and unexpected questions, solving problems in my stand that I would have missed had I been trying to do it on my own. Call Dominique! You owe it to yourself..

Cindy Zuelsdorf
Kokoro Marketing

Weather Central, Inc

Dominique, the image that your outstanding design has generated for us had positive impact on our own employees who are now excited and eager to work in this great environment, and our customers who now see Weather Central as the leader in television weather graphics today.

Terry Kelly
Weather Central, Inc

Lusardi Construction Company

C&D Productions knows how to best combine quality, time and dollars to deliver a successful project. More importantly, however, it is the attention to the customer Dominique provides. When asked, Dominique can recommend many fine design features. When it is time to listen to the customer, no one does it better.

Jeff Lehman
Project manager
Lusardi Construction Company

Global Television Network

We are very happy with the results achieved and feel that Dominique and her company provided to CanWest Global System with designs and ideas that have exceeded our original expectations.

Doug Bonar
VP News and Operations
Global Television Network


Their excellent relationship with organizer and contractor as well as their on-site operations greatly simplified our tradeshow regiment. Their efficient preparation allowed them to deliver quality product and service on a rather short notice. Together we managed to find the winning combination meeting our needs and budget.

Pascal Marie
Marketing Manager

Management Training Corporation

One of Dominique’s biggest strength is her unique approach and original ideas. Her work on the four floors of our building created an environment where staff members feel proud and visitors feel welcome.

Randy Grayston
Corporate Communications Director
Management Training Corporation


C&D Productions unique design approach produced a very dynamic and effective stand for Evertz for many years.

Doug de Bruin
Executive VP Admin & CEO

Avermedia Technologies, Inc

C&D Productions is a highly creative and reliable company which strongly believe in total customer satisfaction.

Kathy Shi
Senior Operations Manager
Avermedia Technologies, Inc

TV News & Current Affairs

Through C&D Productions clever consulting and thoughtful analysis of our needs, we were able to make successful strategic decisions regarding the implementation of our digital news room.

Louis Lalande
General Manager
TV News and Current Affairs